• “I came across Solace during an absolute crisis point in my life. I was completely homeless on the street. Solace helped me immediately after I contacted them. I sent photos and screen shots of documents to Solace over whatsap to verify my situation and over a few hours I was helped!

    They paid for me to go stay at a hotel and I was just so grateful I didn’t have to sleep on the street that night. That night I was finally able to have a wash, collect my thoughts, and calm down from the calamity going on in my life.

    The next day as advised by Solace, I went early morning to the council and I spent all day there to get myself temporary accommodation. My problems were still not solved. I was surrounded by darkness due to my extreme circumstances. It felt like I was sinking into a dark hole, During Ramadan last year, I then received an Eid gift from Solace. I cannot describe how it made me feel. It really made me cry. It wasn’t anything over the top but it really made me feel like someone cared.

    Allah swt has been testing me in all aspects of my life; health, finances, divorce and separation from my children. Social services are now building up a case against me too. I was separated from my children for almost 4 years and during which I didn’t know where they were. If you are a mother you will understand the devastating pain. To be honest I nearly lost my sanity. Solace has stood by me and it has really helped me to keep going. I am very grateful that Allah swt put Solace in my path and I could meet such amazing sisters.

    Not being able to pay for my temporary accomodation meant that I generated debt. Solace has once again stepped in and they are currently in the process to financially help me sort this debt out. I am so very grateful for this help, as it has taken away some of my burdens and I am able to concentrate on other important things.

    I would like to mention i am very impressed with Amaani’s professionalism but at the same time her humanity. Mashallah she has such a nice mix. Sometimes people are efficient but at the same time deal with you like they are robots. Mashallah she has a beautiful combination and really demonstrates what Islam is all about. She is understanding and she has gone above and beyond for me. She even sends me some duaas and tries to ease my situation from an Islamic perspective. May Allah bless her abudantly.”

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