Solace in Marriage

The new comprehensive marriage service is coming soon!

The Problem

Upon taking their shahaadah, many revert sisters are immediately encouraged to marry. A large number of revert sisters do not have a Muslim father or Muslim family to act on their behalf throughout the Islamic marriage process.

This has led to:

    • Many revert sisters falling prey to predatory behaviour from some Muslim men
    • Revert sisters feeling lonely on their search for a husband
    • Appointment of a male guardian (wali) who has no time to vet the potential brother as would normally
      be conducted by a Muslim father
    • Confusion regarding the Islamic process of marriage
    • A high divorce rate amongst revert sisters
    • Revert sisters finding themselves years later in an unhappy and sometimes abusive marriage with
      nowhere and no one to turn to

Solace in Marriage Solution

Four services that a revert sister can access at any stage:

Pre Marriage

  • Pre marriage courses for revert sisters
  • Pre marriage courses for men wishing to marry a revert sister

Seeking Marriage

  • Wali Panel (consisting of a panel of mature Muslim men and women) that act as a ‘surrogate Muslim father’ for revert sisters – vetting the potential husband
  • Upon successful completion of the Pre marriage course, men and reverts can search for a spouse via our carefully designed Solace Matrimonial database
  • A nikah service with special provision in educating non-Muslim family members and ensuring they are comfortable with the Islamic marriage process

In Marriage

  • First year of marriage support packages for revert sisters
  • Mediation
  • Marriage counselling
  • Couple retreats

After Marriage                                                                                      

  • Support for divorced revert sisters
  • Provisions for single mothers and their children
  • Remarriage guidance and support


This service can only become a reality with your donation.

What your donation will do:

£10 – Will provide an encouraging pack for non-Muslim family about Marriage in Islam and what their daughter is about to embark upon – encouraging them to be a part of the process

£20 – Will provide marriage counselling and mediation sessions

£30 – Will provide essential living support for divorced revert sisters, single mothers, and children who are struggling

£50 – 1 revert sister will attend the Solace in Marriage course preparing her fully for marriage in Islam

£250 – Will ensure 1 revert sister is provided full care by the wali panel that acts as her surrogate father throughout the entire marital process

£250 – Will cover the costs of 4 revert sisters accessing the guided and protected matrimonial service

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