Small Business Directory

Small Business Directory

Solace UK maintains this Small Business directory to boost the visibility of small businesses run by revert sisters. You will find below a (growing) list of businesses that we recommend you to check out and encourage you to share with others. #SupportSmallBusinesses

If you’re a qualified beneficiary of this support and would like to submit your business, submit your application here.

Disclaimer: Solace UK is not affiliated with any of the business and does not control the products or operations of the businesses. Solace UK does not profit from any sale from the promotions. Solace UK is not liable for any purchases made through the directory or promotions. If you want to report an issue with the information provided, please use the contact form at the end of this page.

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Your Virtual Matters

Virtual assistant services such as general admin, social media, copywriting, content creation, social posts, courses and more.

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Basketball and Badminton sports sessions, fitness sessions and modest sportswear for women.

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Phone: +447710540807

TreeTop Games Ltd.

Boardgames designed to rebuild relationships using varied bonding psychological theories.


Phone: +447588887989


Sister book is a Muslimah only social media platform with emphasis in bridging the gap between reverts and the born Muslim community.


Afiyah Artistry

Artworks, functional art, Islamic art, personalised items and more.


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Trinklet’s Studio

Indian German silver and oxidized jewellery. Currently selling earrings only but also introducing other jewellery in rose gold as well as silver soon.


Sugar Plum

Playful, cute and girly gift ideas for children, made with care. Shop for Children’s Silver Jewellery, Hair accessories, Vegan & Child Friendly beauty products, and more, created for little ones, tweens & alike.Women scarves and yummy treats also available.



Doula Alqabalia

A doula is a woman who supports women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.


+ 447983809140

Bliss Homeopathy

I offer Homeopathic Support for anyone that is experiencing Physical, mental, or emotional imbalance, illness, or pain in the body through taking a full talking consultation, then leading to prescribing individualised homeopathic remedies to bring about wellness and healing.



Untested IT Items

Do you like to renovate IT?
If so come to Untested It items.We sell mainly untested (but some tested IT equipment) from cables, HDD, printers, laptops & everything in between.I also have a free recycling service in the Northampton/Milton Keynes areas. Click on the link and have a look at my Facebook business page as this has everything I have for sale.

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