Dhul Hijjah

Supporting Reverts Beyond The Shahaadah

Solace is a registered charity committed to helping revert sisters in difficulty. Help us help them.


How you can help

For over ten years, thousands of revert sisters from all over the world have approached Solace for help. During these most blessed days, here are the ways you can give solace to a sister in difficulty.

Support Our 10-Year Campaign

Supporting us means we get to continue our work of helping new Muslims beyond the shahaadah.


Giving Solace in Ramadan

Give Solace Monthly: Be a Regular Donor

Plant the seed of giving regularly during these days when good deeds are most pleasing to Allah.

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Donate your Zakat

New Muslims fall under the 8 categories of zakat. Solace distributes your zakat responsibly, and has a 100% donation policy.

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Gift Solace

Schedule Your Dhul Hijjah Giving

Plan and schedule your giving for the most blessed days to ensure your charity is covered during this time!


Sponsor a Revert Sister

Sponsor a revert sister in difficulty for just for 25p a day.


Sponsor a Revert Single Mum

Sponsor a 1 Year RELIEF Package for a revert single mum and her children for just £1 per day!


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