Why I Love

  • Jan 31st '20

    Alignment, Purpose and Learning To Love Your Body

    By Romina Afghan The Muslim female body  is one of those things that many people talk about on many different levels - there is the non-Muslim political discourse about which parts of the body we, as Muslim women, should be allowed to cover in soci...

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  • Nov 28th '19

    Why I Love…Travelling

    By Fatima-Minna I am sat in a little hire car next to my new husband, and we appear to be driving through a field. It’s dark, and we left the city hours ago. We’ve passed through towns and villages, which have been getting smaller and smaller. I...

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  • Nov 25th '19

    Why I Love…The Gift Of Knowledge

    By Traci Wells Our brains are amazing. Mind bogglingly (is that a word??!) amazing. It is the central organ of our nervous system controlling everything our mind and body thinks, feels, sees and does. It grows continuously with knowledge, yet shrink...

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  • Nov 22nd '19

    Why I Love…Thikr

    By Sadeemka Dhikr, my love When I first embraced Islam, the idea of dhikr wasn’t really clear to me. Remembering Allah – ok. Having a list of words, a certain amount, that should ideally be said daily, like a tick-off list, I thought, because...

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  • Nov 18th '19

    Why I Love….Tazkiyah

    By Abigail Maryam The word tazkiyah carries the meaning of purification, chastening, or facilitation of growth. In Islam, it refers to self-development. Tazkiyah lies at the heart of our beautiful faith. I love it for its uniqueness and tremendous b...

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  • Nov 11th '19

    Why I Love….Munaajah: Conversations With The King

    By Aya Zaki Munaajah - It's this open magical door where you feel all the layers peeling off of your heart and  you stand there, conversing with your Lord; where all faces and all things disappear, and it's just you and Him having the deepest conve...

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  • Nov 8th '19

    Why I Love….Tawbah

    By Meru Hussain Secrets. Not everyone can keep them, some feel like they will burst if they don't share them with someone, whilst others can take them to the grave. Sins are like secrets, secrets between you and your Lord- at least, thos...

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  • Oct 21st '19

    Why I Love….Sharing Islam

    By Calisha Bennett “O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life. And know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart and that to Him you will be gathered.” (Quran Al-An...

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  • Oct 14th '19

    Why I Love…Prayer

    By Fatima-Minna My 8 year old came to me last night, upset because he had broken his archer's bow. When I asked how it broke, he explained he had been using it as a hockey stick. Something I find myself repeating often to my children is that if y...

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  • Oct 7th '19

    Why I Love…Charity

    By Aliya Vaughan Allah is Al-Wahab, the Giving, Al-Kareem, the Most Generous. When we know this and mentally internalise this fact, it should encourage us to reach out and be more charitable to other people, regardless of who they are or how gr...

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