Renewal and New Beginnings

  • Jan 28th '19

    From Black-and-White to Colour… Life As A New Muslim

    By Saoirse Fitzgibbon I recently came across a video of people experiencing colour for the first time. I watched it on repeat and I cried every time. I imagined living in a world without colour, without the hues and shades that uplift me d...

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  • Jan 27th '19

    Renewal – Back to the Fitrah

    By Meru Hussain I thought I was good at being happy for people. I really did.  I used to question how and why it could be so hard for others to be the same. But just like the calm before the storm, a change in my circumstances gave birth to s...

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  • Jan 26th '19

    Renewal- Breaking From The Bad

    By Aliya Vaughn Upon entering Islam, a new Muslim will face plenty of new changes to their lifestyle, including the breaking of bad habits. But do old habits die hard?  I suppose it depends upon the person and which habit you’re talking about. ...

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  • Jan 25th '19

    The D-Word….Destroy to Rebuild

    By Shalisha Smith   “You must go through the process to get to a new beginning like a Phoenix from the ashes renewed and reborn” Divorce… Anyone who has ever been divorced is well acquainted with the multitude of emotions experi...

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  • Jan 23rd '19

    The Miracle Move-Renewing Your Career and Work Goals

    By Barakah Hassan It was 4:30pm on a Monday. I was in the middle of spring- cleaning my bedroom when I heard the gentle vibration of my phone on my bedside table. I looked over at it and picked it up- it was my agent. “Hey! I’ve got a job t...

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  • Jan 21st '19

    Am I Too Unclean For A Renewal?

    By Umm Husamuddin A young sister approached me several months ago and asked if she could speak to me about a conflict she had in her mind. She had embraced Islam about a year earlier and after the initial ‘high’ of the shahaada and the buzz o...

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  • Jan 19th '19

    How To Renew With Balance…When Life Takes Over

    By Chelsea Lynn We go through many different stages in life, each contributing to the person we become. Life-altering changes are valuable lessons, but they can also be hard to navigate. We become overwhelmed by the new unknown, losing pieces of o...

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  • Jan 17th '19

    Opportunities For Renewal

    By Fatima-Minna Prior to the birth of my second child I felt a strong desire to have a ‘spring clean’ of my house, otherwise known as the nesting instinct! I sorted through every cupboard and drawer, discarding things that were no longer usefu...

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  • Jan 14th '19

    Renewal through Love, Surrender and Forgiveness

    By Abigail Maryam “Each new chapter of our lives requests an old part of us to fall and a new part of us to rise.”~ Jenna Galbut The sun was setting in Istanbul. While atop Çamlıca Hill with a dear friend, watching the orange-yellow rays sett...

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  • Jan 7th '19

    Renewing Your Relationship With The Qur’aan

    By Jessica Deqamsseh The faithful continue taraweeh as I exit through the stairwell. A huddled mass of mother and child converge where the light recedes, a blurry confection of step and floor. The woman gently weeps, engrossed in her solitude. My ...

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