• Apr 6th '22

    Letter From The CEO: March 2022

    To the Solace Community: Assalamu alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters, I cannot believe a month has passed since I last wrote to you! Knowing how quickly last month has passed, I am super aware of the importance of spending each second of...

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  • Apr 1st '22

    Letter From The CEO: February 2022

    To the Solace Community: Assalamu alaikum Brothers and Sisters, I need to begin this letter by apologizing to you all, as this letter is eleven years late. Really, you should have received 134 letters from me by now, and whilst I wish I cou...

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  • Jul 18th '21

    Thul-Hijjah – A Time To Connect To Our Father Ibrahim

    By Meru Hussain Ibrahim. Our Father. Friend of Allah. A Nation unto himself. Thul-Hijjah is the season that comes to teach us patience, to reinforce to us the milla (way) of Ibrahim (as), to bring us back to La Illaha Ilallah. Many people find the...

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  • Jul 18th '21

    Dhul Hijjah: Enter through the door of Repentance

    “Allâh will accept the repentance of whom He wills. And Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Surah At-Tawbah 9:27] When was the last time you repented to Allah ﷻ? And I don’t just mean casually uttering the words ‘Oh Allah fo...

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  • Jul 18th '21


      By Romina Afghan One of the many blessings of Islam and being a Muslim, is knowing in detail all of the special times of the year, month and week that Allah Himself has preferred over other times, and the rewards of deeds in these special times th...

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  • May 10th '21

    Escape From An Alcoholic

    Laila met Emir when she was living with a family in France as an au pair. He helped her one day when her shopping bag split open, spilling apples into the road. He kindly retrieved each one but the delay meant she missed her bus. As she waited ...

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  • May 8th '21

    When The Storms Keep Coming

    “Why can’t I see him? You let us last time Mummy,” Esra asked Sinead for the third night in a row. They had just put the younger ones to bed, but all through bedtime, Esra somehow found a way to ask the same question. How many more e...

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  • May 4th '21

    From Down-and-Out Single Mum to Positive Parent

    For Aaisha, it has been a long arduous journey, a decade full of trials and memories of a man who did not love her or their four children.  Alhamdulillah she’s reached a safe haven: a safe haven within herse...

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